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That is one helluva mouthful isn’t it. Laser Treatment Clinic Marine Boost Super Serum. I double dare you to repeat that after 5 tequilas! I have built up quite a nifty little collection of serums recently… And I don’t really intend on stopping yet. My newest member is this one from The Laser Treatment Clinic in Harley Street. For reals yo. This has come straight from Facelift Avenue. Except you won’t have to shell out on an expensive surgical treatment to get radiant looking skin… Nor the train fare there. It’s like having your very own cosmetic surgeon with you in your bathroom. Yeah ok not quite, plus that would be a bit weird.
laser treatment clinicWhen I received this serum I have to admit that I’d never heard of The Laser Treatment Clinic so popped my laptop open to have a look. Their website claims “The Laser Treatment Clinic was one of the first Laser Skin Clinics to establish itself in London, and is renowned for delivering hi-tech cutting edge skin solutions for modern skin concerns. In our 15 years experience, we have successfully completed 1/2 million laser skin treatments to date. We are your Go-To Skin Experts. We provide a full range of the very latest non-surgical treatments for the enhancement of the appearance of your skin. Our Skin Expert’s have sourced the very best hi-tech cutting-edge laser systems and advanced high performance Marine Skin Science skincare products, which work in synergy with your skin to deliver the maximum results for you and your skin.” Impresssiivvveee. They offer just about every laser skin treatment you can think of, including treatments for pigmentation, acne scars and rosacea. Here‘s a full list if you want a gander! So we know they’re pretty experienced when it comes to their treatments… But what about their skin products?
marine boost super serumThe Marine Boost Super Serum contains a whole load of ingredients from the sea. Things like wakame sea kelp, marine plant extract, green micro algae extract… Oh and some rosehip seed oil thrown in for good measure. Not gunna lie, I’ve never heard of any of those “ocean products”. I thought it was just a whole load of seaweed and crab shell down there, but apparently not! Now I have to admit that the serum has a bit of an acquired smell. It’s not bad, but you can definitely tell that it’s all natural shizzle in there with no added perfume. Which I suppose isn’t really a bad thing! It’s also a very thin consistency so it doesn’t weigh your face down making it feel caked in product or as if you’re wearing a mask. It absorbs quickly into the skin and immediately makes your skin feel tighter after just one use. To get a second (and third) opinion I also guinea pigged this on my stepmum and best friend. I didn’t say anything to them before use as I wanted their opinions to be completely unbiased but it seems they agreed with me. My stepmum branded it “amazing” and my best friend said “ohhh it’s made my skin feel tighter”. 100% true story.
marine boost super serummarine boost super serumI’ve been using this every night since I received it and it has claimed it’s rightful spot on my bedside table. You only need a couple of pumps to cover the whole face and it’s best to let it drink into the skin over night. And you may be wondering if you have to be over a particular age for this to take effect. No siree! I’m sure I’ve been drumming this into you all for a while now but the earlier you start using any sort of anti-ageing or skin tightening treatments the better. I’m a mere 25 and can already see the dreaded signs of crows feet… I actually just had a little pang of sadness in the pit of my stomach writing that. So moral of the story kids (sorry if that’s patronising but apparently I’m an old woman these days according to the wrinkles round my eyes) get your anti-age on early! This product is a great place to start at a mere £39 which you can purchase here. It’s perfect for all skin tones, particularly those who suffer with dry skin. Your skin will just drink this right up leaving your complexion feeling tighter and fresher. How many times do you reckon it’s acceptable to use it in one day? I gotta get rid of these wrinkles, I’m giving my nan a run for her money.


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  1. April 17, 2014 / 11:10 am

    This sure sounds like a little miracle worker! I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds like it’s worth checking out – maybe even give it a go!

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