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Yesssss you read that right. Collagen. In a drink. As in the stuff that’s meant to plump lips up… Just in a liquid form. Some of you may still have your jaws open as you try and get your head around it, so let me try and explain what the Skinade Collagen Drinks are whilst you catch flies. Try and catch me a goodun.
skinade collagen drinkWe (or most) are very good at looking after our skin from the outside, slapping on our cleanser, toner and moisturiser, our SPF (I’m glaring at all of you who don’t!) and our face masks. But we don’t really take an awful lot of care of it from the inside. That’s where Skinade steps in. It works to “repair the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles”. It’s even been recommended by dermatologists and Harley Street aesthetic surgeons. So it must be pretty good eh…? Well over the past 20 days I have been trying Skinade to see what all the hype is about. I’d seen the Made in Chelsea cast tweet about it and say how amazing it was, so I was delighted to be able to review it.
skinade collagen drinkNow I’m not going to lie, when I first received my stash of Skinade I was a bit apprehensive about the bottle packaging. I mean, it does look a bit like a deodorant can. The thought of drinking something which looked like it was meant to be sprayed on your armpits wasn’t the most appealing I have to say. However I told myself to stop judging a book by it’s cover and poured the contents into a cup to have with my breakfast as instructed… And was a bit put off by the contents too. Which were yellow. Bright yellow. Hmm. I was having second thoughts until a picture of Millie Mackintosh’s flawless face popped up in my mind and before you knew it I had drunk half of the glass… And was pleasantly surprised! It tasted just like Berocca. Skinade is a blend of peach and mangosteen (yeah I don’t know what that is either. A long lost relative of the mango perhaps? Just roll with it…) and it’s reflected in the taste. Being a collagen drink you’d expect it to taste like it’s stuffed full of chemicals. Well no. Instead it tastes like Robinson’s orange squash. The relief of not having to consume something that tasted like battery acid! So how did I get on with Skinade and did it improve my skin? Let’s have a look shall we…
skinade collagen drink
skinade collagen reviewThese were taken at the same time each morning when I first woke up. Now as you can see, I’m a puffy little thing. Just look at those carrier bags under my eyes and the eyelid with extra eyelid. Lovely jubbly. I’m surprised I can see with all that going on to be honest. What a sexbomb. It doesn’t really matter how many eye creams or eye roll ons I use, Baggy McBaggy and Frodo Baggins (as I like to call them) will not shift. However as you can see over the course of the 20 day Skinade period they have been reduced! I wouldn’t say significantly, but I definitely woke up each day feeling less like a pufferfish. The “Tesco carrier bags” also seemed to have changed in colour too and weren’t as dark as before. I noticed the puffiness had gone down in other parts of my face as well, like round my mouth… Who gets a puffy mouth?! One ticket to the freak show please.
20140429-230240.jpgSkinade has definitely given some life back to my face and put me back on the right track to getting flawless skin. How would you like to give it a go yourself? The lovely Skinade team are giving you the chance to win 30 days of the collagen drink worth £90 by completing a very short 30 second survey. Click the banner below to be in with the chance…
skinade, skincare, collagen boost, win skinade
So if you want in on the Skinade game, click above! Unless you like the puffy, run-down, sallow look in which case don’t bother. I’m sure your future husband will like it too… 😉

*post contains a press sample

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