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Greetings loved ones *Snoop Doggy Dogg voice*. This one is for you homeboys! Yes even you, with your hands down your pants, or up your nose. It has come to my attention recently (actually, more like I was nagged time and time again by some beloved male friends) that you chaps have been wanting a post specifically for male skincare… So whadda ya know! Here’s a post on male skincare! After doing some research to see if there were any particular brands that you lot were keen to see reviewed (yeah, don’t say I’m not good to you), Bulldog seemed to keep coming up. My Facebook literally blew up with brand recommendations from you men, and it seemed that none of you were bothered to let everyone know that you were interested in skincare. And why should you eh?! You should all be taking pride in your appearance too, so blimin’ good on you! The lovely team over at Bulldog HQ were more than happy to get involved in this project and sent me over products from their original and sensitive ranges. Now obviously, I am not a man. Groundbreaking news right there, so I had to rope in some male guinea pigs to review the products for me. I say rope… What I really mean is they wouldn’t stop asking me to choose them. So gentlemen (and ladies) I will pass you over to my good friends Lewis and George who have been trying the products for the past month and all views are entirely their own. We have Lewis in the sensitive corner and George in the original. So crack open a beer, sit back and enjoy. And yes you can put your hands back down your trousers if you must. Even though I know you’re probably reading this on the toilet…

Lewis (Sensitive Range)

“When my friend Carly called me asking if I would help her out and review some products for her blog I couldn’t have been happier. The chance to finally get my hands on that ever sought after Naked 3 palette, or to taste the delights of some Bootea, brilliant. I said yes without hesitation and with reckless abandon.
“Thank you, you gorgeous man” she says
“Don’t mention it my dear” I replied
“You’re going to love this product my love” she says
“The suspense is killing me, WHAT AM I REVIEWING???” I respond with a gleaming smile across my face
“Bulldog Moisturiser!!””
bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

Those that know me will know I don’t have a bulldog, those that don’t will agree with me… who on earth wants to moisturise a bulldog? Carly proceeded to explain that I wasn’t in fact going to be softening the rolls of a short stout canine, but rather getting my paws on some specialist mens skincare products – 4 in total. Sensitive Moisturiser, Original Eye Roll-On, Original After Shave Balm and the Sensitive Face Wash. Now, I’m a man that likes to keep my face warm year round so the after shave balm was obsolete, but the other products I was more than happy to lock my gaze on.

The first thing that struck me about each product was the packaging and design. Its simple (in white) without any over the top illustrations or unneeded eye candy. I’m a man, I’m interested in the product not the packaging. Those that have received gifts from me will vouch for that. Bulldog understand this and I like this a lot. These guys seem like a very ethical company British manufacturing and BUAV approved (meaning they haven’t ever tested these on real bulldogs). I haven’t taken the lid off and I’m already a fan.

bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

The first thing I notice about the moisturiser is the smell. It’s great, its not musky by any means so it won’t leave you smelling like John Prescotts 2nd Jag, but its not overwhelmingly aromatic. It’s definitely for men. Having facial hair I worry that moisturisers never really do the trick underneath, or in-fact will sometimes dry out whatever attempt at looking like Brad Pitt I have… but not this one. It really softened each hair without feeling oily or greasy, but that’s only a byproduct of what its really meant to do which is to make my skin feel good, which it did. I use it daily and those that have the privilege to stroke my face on the regs have commented on its softness. I can’t say I have noticed a change in how my skin looks to be perfectly honest, but then again this isn’t some super cream made with the blood of unicorns claiming to take 10 years off. It’s a moisturiser plain and simple, and guess what? It moisturises.

bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

The eye roll-on is great. It claims to remove dark circles, puffiness and lines. I can’t say much for the lines as I don’t have too many at any rate, but it definitely helps with my dark hungover blue lagoons. Not only that but it is really refreshing and cool on the eyes and has an immediate effect of waking me up a little. I highly recommend this product if you’re to pick only one, but I can imagine the full range is just as satisfying. Last and by no means least (in fact probably my favourite item) the Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash. Again, as with the moisturiser, it has a good smell to it but doesn’t leave you smelling like some Z-list celeb’s new attempt at holding on to some revenue. This is a proper face wash, it really lathers up and you notice it on your face. I like that. Too many face washes are silky and creamy and you can’t quite tell whether you actually have some on your face at all. This isn’t one of those. Once again it’s a friend of the face fuzz and doesn’t dry it out at all, which is always a bonus. I’d recommend all three of these products to anyone that will listen to me about my new daily skin care regime and the face wash especially has become a staple of the bathroom paraphernalia: toothbrush, aftershave, nose trimmer, Bulldog (in no particular order). It won’t be too long before wives are calling to their husbands “don’t forget to Bulldog your face”… OK it might take a while and I’m sure a few couples will get lost in translation but it’ll catch on.”


George (Original Range)

“Nowadays you may be surprised to read that us men don’t just talk about football, cars and women (honestly). We take more interest in what would perhaps be known more as feminine pastimes; cooking, shopping and grooming ourselves. With a demand on her successful blog for more male orientated tips, (yeah we want to know how to achieve flawless skin too) and as a self-confessed “metro” modern man (hetrosexual) with an array of grooming products, it was understandable that Carly came to me as one of her first male guinea pigs.

Having used the basics (Nivea for men for example and flirting with some upmarket brands such as Clinique and Champneys daily for a number of years, mainly depending on what’s in the cupboard or left over from Auntie Viv’s xmas gift) I was trialled with only using Bulldog Original Face Wash, Original Moisturiser, Original Eye Roll On and Original Aftershave Cream for around 4 weeks and was very excited about it.

bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

The first thing I noticed about the products waere the presentation. They arrived in a lovely box all wrapped making you already feel a bit special. I also was drawn to the branding – it just looked nice. It was the first time I’d really seen the products and hadn’t been drawn to the brand before as most of the products I’d used had been bought for me in the past. I also think that once men start using a product, such as hair gel, the brand stays with us for life. All the more reason for me to be excited about using this for the first time!

I used the facewash a couple of times a day and I must say I was very impressed. It certainly leaves skin less oily than some alternatives and had a lovely avocado and tea tree fragrance. Any blotchiness cleared up and it didn’t dry my skin out as some have done in the past (these are still half full in my cupboard probably never to be used again). Interestingly I looked forward to using it and made my skin feel soft, clean and ready to face the day. However I still believe that there are lots of good tea tree based face washes on the market which are perhaps more expensive, but I would definitely recommend this one and buy again. Good stuff Bulldog face wash!

bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

The moisturiser was perhaps most impressive. I’ve used a wide range of these in the past and not really noticed much difference. Moisturiser is moisturiser. Until now. This was a lot thicker than what I was used to and again smelt really nice. Also the feeling of freshly moisturised skin lasted longer than I was used to which made me feel great! Again, I think the next moisturiser I buy would be this one. Other brands will seem too watery in comparison. There is really nothing more to add other than it did exactly what it says on the tin.

The eye roll on is something I’ve never used before. I have seen these and thought about it in the past but the price tag has put me off. I had contemplated but thought it may be a step too far…even for the modern man! I used this in the morning and evening for a few weeks and the results were good. I didn’t want to like it. I wanted it to seem like a gimmick. But it wasn’t. My under eye bags and dark patches really are reduced, even with heavy weekends. I thought only healthy eating and sleep could do this but it appears not! The roll on was easy to use with a little squeeze and although it says results in 4 weeks (leading to my scepticism) it really was instant! Something I’d put in the shopping trolley for next time for sure!

bulldog skincarePhoto credit: Lewis Price

Briefly the aftershave balm. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it I only shave around once a week! So this was used sparingly! It stung me to say the least (as they all do) so I tend to use moisturiser after shaving. Sorry! Smelt good though!

The male grooming industry is worth millions. We all want skin like those we see splashed on OK! and Heat magazine and we will happily pay for it. I think every Christmas present I received last year was some sort of moisturiser based scented face wash from some sort of fancy boutique. But I think nowadays us twenty something men like to receive these sort of gifts. I know I do. The next one on my list will be Bulldog.”


I love how they both made out like I forced them to review the products for me. Yeah whatever boys. We know the truth.

*this post contains a press sample

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  1. Rawr
    August 21, 2015 / 7:02 pm

    So is the sensitive face wash a foaming gel? I’d imagine that would leave your skin tight feeling? I’m thinking about it for dry skin.

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