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So you know over at Cupid Bow HQ we’re all about equality… OK yeah so I’m sure there’s no denying that this is namely a rather feminine based blog, but I know (and have proof… ahem Google Analytics…) that you blokes are reading it too. We all need a bit of beauty advice, so WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here. Really, thank you for reading 🙂 whether it be over your girl’s shoulder or nicking her iPad whilst she nips to the loo, who cares! The more the merrier here at Cupid’s. So as I have a growing male following, I thought it was only fair to do you a male’s only post complete with a side of grunting, crotch-grabbing and belching. Well actually you won’t find any of that in this post at all, you’ll have to do that behind the scenes. What you will find in this post is a very honest review of men’s skincare brand Wingman from 3 lovely male guinea pigs who have tried and tested the range for themselves at home. I obviously haven’t tried the brand myself, but I’m already a fan of it due to the fact they support Help For Heroes. 5p of every product sold goes to the charity, which is probably reason enough to buy from the brand but my lovely guineas are going to tell you exactly what they thought of the products! In part one of this review, Will and Ashley give you the lowdon on the 3 in 1 Multi-Gel, Face Scrub and Face Wash… Over to you boys!


willkinderWingman 3 in 1 Multi-Gel

Have a quick look over your supermarket shelves – you’ll see miles of shampoos, shower gels and shave creams. Even for us fellas the choice is somewhat bewildering. Yet Wingman seem to have achieved the impossible and produced a ‘multi-gel’ which claims to be shower gel, shampoo and shaving gel all in one. It boasts so much in fact, that I was worried that if left unattended it might pop out with the recycling. Frankly I was skeptical. Wingman is a blokey bloke kind of a brand, sliver and black, somehow promising a bulging trouser and a girl on each arm. The packaging on this product also has three handy icons demonstrating the ‘shower’, ‘shampoo’ and ‘shave’ functions, presumably for the hard of thinking. So, as a shampoo. I’m a bloke so I don’t need my shampoo to be enriched with this or infused with that. The Wingman multi-gel performs the task of shampoo perfectly, your hair is cleaner after you’ve washed it than it was when you hadn’t. It shifts the hair wax I favour and has a gentle minty smell. Tick.

Onto the shower gel. I tend to grab whatever’s on offer, again, I don’t need jojoba or berry extracts. The multi-gel is a decent shower gel – if not a bit on the thick side. It lathers up well and reaches all the important little places. Tick. And finally, shave gel. Me and my face have an uneasy relationship when it comes to shaving. I only have to look at a slightly blunt razor or the wrong shaving product and my neck and throat is a mass of itchy, sore razor rash. To my surprise, using it as shaving gel gave me a decent shave. As a shaving gel it’s a bit thin and doesn’t give the satisfying foam beard of regular products. I used it a couple of times and got a decent shave both times. However, my face and I fell out and I got a touch of the dreaded razor rash on my throat. I am sure that for guys with rugged and hardy skin, this would be a perfectly good product, but sadly, I’m going back to my super sensitive baby face shave cream.

In summary – I’ll take it as a shower gel and shampoo, but as a shaving gel it’s one step too far for me.

Wingman Skin Fuel Face Wash

This product boasts a deep cleansing effect, non-drying with ginseng and vitamins. (It doesn’t mention which vitamins.) It’s made in Britain and not tested on animals – all good. I’m a creature of habit with face wash. Every time I try something new I get a spot or it dries my skin and I go running back to my old ways. I’ve been using the Wingman face wash for a week or so which is enough time to find out if my face is going to rebel or not. I like using the product – it foams up nicely and the skin feels nice and clean afterwards. As it claims, it doesn’t dry the skin out. I can’t quite place the fragrance, but it’s pleasant enough. After a week, my skin is happy and I’ll be continuing to use the product.

One final thing to mention about both products is that they are supporting ‘Help for Heroes’. Wingman is pledging to raise a minimum of £10,000 for the charity – with 5p from each product going to the cause. Reason enough to give them both a go.

wingman skincare


ashleyWingman Face Scrub

I’m quite (secretly…) partial to a beauty product or two. I do tend to nick my misuss’  cocoa butter (we all do it lads, come on) and so when Carly needed some male guinea pigs I thought I’d give it a go! I’m a bit of a self confessed snob when it comes to hair products, only buying certain brands and liking a high standard, so I was quite impressed with the look of the Wingman products – like something my barber would have up on his shelf and would expect to pay a bit more than your supermarket standard. The name stood out to me as well, clever merchandising and it made me laugh. I also like the fact it’s money towards a good cause and would appeal to most men.

It’s the first time I’ve really used a face scrub, so at first felt like I had mixed gravel from work in some cream but actually, it was really refreshing and definitely woke me up. I used it after shaving on a couple of the days and it was still comfortable enough to use and didn’t sting. It has a pleasant lemon and lime scent to it and frothed up well!

Wingman 3 in 1 Multi-Gel

Now this is right up my street! I have to battle with the 100 bottles of different potions and shampoo with ‘leaves of Arabia’ or what-not that my missus INSISTS she needs, so I never know what the hell is going in my hair shampoo-wise, where as this is simple. One bottle. In the man corner of the shower. One use and does your body too. It had the same fresh feeling as the face scrub, nice and frothy and (for me) the bottle has really lasted. Being in the building trade I sometimes feel I need to use a fair whack to feel clean after work, but this has gone really far.

We also had another little helper who follows everything I do… Alfie, age 7. He wanted in on the experiment so had a test* also and said “it smells like I’m in a big lemon and I feel awake in the morning now!” (His hair also smelt ‘cool’ after apparently!)

*He has quite sensitive skin so we kept an eye. However, it seemed to be a lot more soothing than most and didn’t cause any irritation or tears!

Overall I would definitely buy Wingman again. The only feedback I’d give is maybe to produce a bigger bottle for the 3 in 1 Multi-Gel, but again it has lasted well so far..

Thanks Carls!

Ashley & Alf x

Huge thanks to Will and Ashley for testing the Wingman products for part one of this review! If you’re already impressed you can purchase the products here. Stay tuned for part two where Rhys and David give their thoughts…

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