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“Contestants, take your corner in the ring please. Because it’s about. To. Go Down. We want a clean fight, you’ve all respectfully earnt your place here, but today we will learn who will come out on top as The Lush Cosmetics Face Mask Champion!”

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OK, so let’s backtrack a little shall we? We all know of Lush Cosmetics. We all know of their wonderfully handmade, natural, organic products. And we all have our favourites! I’m an avid fan of Lush, a huge on in fact, particularly of their face masks. I’ve used a face mask twice a week for as long as I can remember, so imagine my delight and joy when when I discovered Lush’s extensive array of them! I now know how Isaac Newton felt when he discovered gravity. Well not really. But kinda. On my latest top-up visit there, I grabbed four of them – three of which I’d never tried before. Into the Lush recycled carrier bag went Mask of Magnaminty, Ayesha, Don’t Look At Me and Cup O’ Coffee – the latter three being on trial for the first time. I probably didn’t need all of them, in fact I definitely didn’t need all of them, which of course meant… I was getting all of them. They each serve a different purpose, and I’m all for trying out new things. even if I don’t particularly need it. You all know what I’m talking about, don’t judge. So here we are today, putting all four to the test to see which will come out on top. Contestants, are you ready? Round one, here we go… DING DING DING!!! (Shamelessly sitting here humming Eye Of The Tiger to myself. Or perhaps shameFULLY?)

IMG_4885The Invigorator – Mask of Magnaminty
Mr. Magnaminty… We meet again. This little green eyed monster is probably the most well known of all the face masks I think. I’ve used it before, and I absolutely love it. He’s incredibly cooling, it’s like placing mint choc chip ice cream on your face. He’s made with peppermint oil, Fair Trade vanilla absolute, honey and primrose seeds. This would be particularly soothing if you suffer from dry, itchy skin which is common for winter. You can also lather him on your back as well to clear away any nasties. Yeah… I gotta say. Mr MM. I gotta hot spot for you. Shop him here.







IMG_4889The Moisturiser – Don’t Look At Me
So this one makes me laugh a little with the irony… A face mask named Don’t Look At Me, yet it’s bright blue? Pahhhh Lush did a funny! I’m obsessed with the colour of this, and you’d think it was laden with blue food colouring wouldn’t you? WRONG-O! It’s packed with fresh lemon juice, murumuru butter (whatever the blimin’ eck that is), grapefruit oil and tofu. Yes, tofu. The kind you eat. Just please don’t try to eat this. Or if do you, please send me a pic as I’m certain you’d get a neon blue tongue. Anywho… This face mask is the best for moisturing, which I guess is thanks to the murum… (I give up) butter. It will leave your skin looking and feeling extremely radiant and legend has it down for tackling redness too. Yep, I kinda love you too. Buy him here.






IMG_4888The Anti-Ager – Ayesha
Now I will be honest… This one smells exactly how it looks. I will let your imagination run with that one. But, not the best. However, I do like it. Anything that claims to help fight years off your face is going to be welcomed into my household, that’s for sure. Ayesha is made with kiwi fruit, asparagus, fullers earth (again, not a clue, a clay I think?) and rosemary oil. I’ve probably used this one the most, it’s the thinnest in consistency out of the four and I can leave it on for hours forgetting it’s there. Until I open the door to my sister and my three year old nephew and he gives me the strangest, scared look. Then I remember. It tightens on the skin to restore plumpness and leaves you feeling silk smooth. A great one for the mature ladies! Shop her here






IMG_4887 The Exfoliator – Cup O’ Coffee
Ohhh the caffeine-aholic screamed in delight when I opened this one up! Smells just like an iced latte, I nearly ate it! Which wouldn’t have been the wisest idea, please don’t try that at home! Best for dry flaky skin, Cup O’ Coffee has ground up coffee beans, vanilla absolute, vertivert oil and roasted cocoa extract to scrub away the day and dry skin. This one definitely left my skin feeling the smoothest, and you can use i on other areas on the body too, particularly the back. Smells absolutely DIVINE and my face as soft as a baby’s bum! Shop her here

So my verdict? I love all of them. No really… I absolutely do. None of them let me down, but if I had to pick one out of all of them (which is so harsh and I despise you for it) then I would have to go with Mask of Magnaminty… But Cup O’ Coffee is a very close second. Almost piggybacking Mask of Magnaminty. No but really, I LOVE THEM ALL! Which ones have you tried and which ones should I try next?




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  1. Alice Grace
    March 7, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    I love Lush’s bath products, but I haven’t tried any of their skincare. I love the sound of Mask of Magnaminty and Don’t Look At Me, so I’ll have to add them to my basket next time I’m shopping in there. I can’t wait to scare my boyfriend silly after slathering on that bright blue mask! haha

    Alice /


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