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As you all probably know, I have very long waist length hair… Which is both a blessing and a curse. I am very lucky that my hair grows as quickly as it does, however it also means my hair can become very dry and ratty just as quickly. As I was pondering cutting all my hair off, it’s as if the hair gods heard me and sent me the Kerastraight PR team! I was invited by them to go and trial their KS Ultimate Treatment, which is described by Kerastaight as “a semi-permanent straightening and repair system which provides unrivalled condition, strength and shine. Adaptable to every hair type, thanks to KeraStraight’s advanced protein technology, it’s the ultimate solution to weak, disobedient, damaged hair, transforming it after just one treatment. What’s more, you can shampoo your hair after just 30 minutes and there’s no awkward growing out period, as the results naturally fade away. With results lasting up to 4 months, you can look forward to glossy, gorgeous strands with minimal styling required! It provides glossy smooth results instantly, so there’s no more avoiding the rain, gym or shower for days!” Naturally I jumped at the chance, and on Monday 12th October, I was making my way to London ExCel to be a model for Kerastraight at Salon International.
I was introduced to the Kerastraight team by their PR assistant Mary, and they were all so funny, welcoming and warm… The kind of people I always strive to surround myself with! I instantly felt at home and comfortable putting my long locks into their care. After being introduced and generously offered copious amounts of coffee, I was asked to take some before shots of my hair and shoot a short video talking about my hair history and what I was hoping to see from the results – mainly to restore dryness, particularly from colour abuse. Afterwards, I was taken to the backwash by my own personal hairdresser Kate (cutely nicknamed BabyKate by the rest of her team, naww!). BabyKate explained that a Protein Boost treatment would be most beneficial for my hair type and began shampooing and conditioning my hair for me, and a pre-treatment cleanse was also applied. I was taken to the Kerastraight stage where Kate began working (struggling!) through my long mane, sectioning and detangling my hair. As she worked through my hair, she sprayed through a pre-treatment spray on each section, before following with the KS Ultimate Treatment itself.
IMG_6100I was then wrapped up in clingfilm (well just my hair… Not the rest of me, would’ve been a bit unneccessary) and was brought more coffee as the treatment was left to drink into my hair. I have to say, I was expecting to detect a foul smell from the keratin, yet there was no odour at all as there are no harsh chemicals in the treatment – you’d never even know it was there. After half an hour of coffee guzzling and magaxine flicking, I was taken back to the backwash to have the treatment rinsed from my hair by the lovely Babykate again. I’m used to having two people blowdry my hair at the hairdressers, and today was no exception as BabyKate wisely enlisted the help of another hairdresser Bella, and together they started drying my hair (poor girls).
IMG_5229Section by section, the girls twisted my hair around blowdrying brushes, singing and laughing as they went! This is normally when the frizz can appear in my hair, but I noticed as the hair was falling around my face there was no frizz to be seen, or felt for that matter! People around the stand were coming up to feel my hair, ask me questions about my current hair state and ask the girls for more information. There were a couple of other models with afro-caribbean hair walking around the stand who had had their hair half straightened to show the results off to their potential. Fair to say they were attracting a few onlookers, and I’m not surprised!
Eventually, before poor BabyKate and Bella’s arms had fallen off, my hair was dry and ready to be straightened. My hair was attracting a few onlookers by this point, and people were coming up to feel how smooth and straight my hair was and asking the girls more questions. And I was given more coffee 🙂

And voila! My KS Ultimate treatment was complete and I was left with super silky smooth locks and in the best condition I had felt for months! BabyKate explained that the treatment would last up to 4 months and I was handed a goodie bag with a Kerastraight shampoo, conditioner and a repair mask to use post-treatment. I filmed another short video to document how happy I was with the results and my thoughts on the treatment itself. I made my goodbyes and was on my way home with fully rejuvenated hair!
3 weeks on, and I have to say my hair is still feeling amazing. I’ve been using the Kerastraight hair products to keep my hair in top condition and… wait for it… had a cut! As healthy as my hair is now, I decided to have 3-4 inches off the length and it’s done my mane the world of good. To top it off, even my hairdresser said my hair was in the best condition she had ever felt it, and asked if I had been using a different shampoo recently. When I explained I’d had the KS Ultimate treatment, she said it was a great choice and has done it the world of good. It’s much easier for me to style in the morning now and doesn’t feel half as dry on a daily basis. I’d highly recommend the KS Ultimate treatment to anyone as it’s suited to all hair types and you can find more information about it on the Kerastraight website here. At £250, yes it is a little pricey, but believe me when I say it was worth every penny. I will definitely be having it done again, and I’m also going to keep on top of regular trims! Thank you Kerastraight… You’ve made me (and my hairdresser!) very happy indeed 🙂



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