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There are very few positive things about January. Very few indeed. But the January sales are one of them. Albeit, they can be very hit and miss with some stores coughing up some of the most vile rubbish you swear you’ve never seen in the store before (so tempting to name drop here, but I’m going to remain professional) but with a bit of patience and some (a lot) of snacks, you can grab yourself some absolute beauts of a bargain! One of the best sales this year in my opinion, is the golden nuggets of Luckily for you, I’ve done the leg work and found some of the nicest items and grouped them into a box for you. Thank me later. Now get shopping! (And any gifts will be greatly appreciated…)

Black Leather Trousers

Grey Olivia Structured Rucksack

Jimmy Plunge Cutout Dress

Erin Lace Knee High Peep Toe Boots

Cream Sleeveless Coat

Clara MA1 Bomber Jacket

Blue Kate Shawl Belted Coat

Grey Layla Multi Strap Heel




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