My Ideas For a Canadian Adventure | The Cupid Bow

I remember writing you guys a post back in January about the eight places I want to visit before I die. With Las Vegas coming up soon (eek!) I’m well and truly in holiday mode already, so I thought I’d review and add to my bucket list. It’s impossible to list them all here. Like I said last time, I’ve become very aware recently of just how little of the world I’ve seen, which means there are a load of places I want to visit. Whilst researching a few of them online though, I’ve suddenly found myself wanderlusting over Canada. The landscapes are very (what we bloggers would say) “instagrammable”.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my ideas with you for a true Canadian adventure, and some of the places over there I want to see…

Niagra Falls

canadian adventure
You can’t visit Canada and not go to one of the most iconic places in the world. Niagara Falls truly is stunning, so it seems a stay in the Marriott On The Falls hotel is on the cards! Their rooms have views that look right out onto the edge – just imagine having your breakfast whilst looking at one of the most ferocious examples of the natural world. Incredible.

Vancouver Island

canadian adventureIt doesn’t even need an introduction does it? A little hiking is a MUST for anyone’s Canadian adventure, and Vancouver Island is the perfect place for it. There are numerous trails along some of the most breathtaking landscapes that don’t even look real, as well as the opportunity to go whale-watching. Of course a girl needs her rest and relaxation though, so you’ll probably find me on one of its many beaches at sunset.


canadian adventure
Visiting Montreal will definitely require an itinerary – there’s so much to do that it would be too easy to miss something remarkable! This looks like the place for you if you love to explore culture and tradition, walk around eyeballing old architecture, and of course indulge in some retail therapy. Montreal is packed with the best shops, bars and restaurants, as well as small boutique markets that hold hidden gems.

Lake Louise

canadian adventure
There’s honestly nothing more beautiful in the world to me than crystal-clear turquoise waters, and I’m pretty sure Lake Louise must have been the inspiration for everywhere else on earth. Hidden away in Banff National Park, this glass-like lake is one of the most well-known beauty spots in the whole of Canada. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, log cabins and lush forests, I think I’ll struggle to leave.

So there you have my ideal Canadian Adventure. It honestly looks one of the most stunning countries in the world and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t already been. Who has visited? Have I missed anywhere special? Let me know in the comments!