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I’m sure you’ve probably heard of it, at at least one point in your life. From a friend, or colleague, or family member; The Law of Attraction. The force from the universe that literally creates “things from your thoughts”. The power that lies within us all that enables us to attract people, products and events into our lives just by thinking about them. And you probably thought the person telling you about this was batshit crazy, right?

“I mean how can you bring something into your life, by thinking about it? If that were the case then we’d all have everything that we’ve ever wanted right in front of us already! But here I am with all this debt, ill health and worry just mounting up instead”.

And that, my friend, is your problem right there.

The Law of Attraction was, arguably, made most famous by a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I’ve read it (*cough* three times) and each time I understand it a bit better. It’s undoubtedly changed my outlook on life, how I perceive events and how I think about myself. It’s also helped me to understand what it is that I truly want and need. In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction or “The Secret”, is using your thoughts, whether negative or positive, to attract experiences into your life. It works on a “like attracts like” maxim, so simply put, positive thoughts will attract positive experiences and negative thoughts will attract negative experiences.

Everything that has happened in your life has been attracted into it, by you. You have sent out a frequency to the universe and it has responded accordingly.

You see, the universe doesn’t distinguish between what you do or don’t want. It only hears what you are thinking about and assumes that is what you desire. And what happens? It shows up. For instance, if you are thinking about how much debt you have and how you wish it wouldn’t keep piling up, you will inevitably start to see your debt piling up. Why? Because all the universe is hearing is you thinking about your debt piling up and so that is what you shall get. What you should be concentrating on, and imagining, is being debt free. If you can visualise money coming to you, and visualise this many times a day, the universe will eventually abide. It will send money to you through one or maybe various streams. How this happens is not your concern. It is not your job to understand how The Law of Attraction works, just to trust that it does.

It works every single time.

Think about it. You cannot possibly live a full and happy life in a negative mindset. And you wouldn’t have a negative mindset if you lived a full and happy life. Like attracts like. It all starts within the mind. You have to truly believe that you are worthy of great things to attract great things. You have to feel good to attract good. And you have to think positive to be positive. So start now. You will instantly feel better about your situation. Imagine that you already have everything that you want – your dream job, your own house, the perfect relationship. It’s all there waiting for you, the universe is just waiting for you to order it. The best thing about The Law of Attraction is that you can place as many orders as you like. You are Aladdin and the universe is your Genie… Except you have unlimited wishes that the universe can command.

Just stop thinking about what you don’t want.

That is all the universe will hear and will respond “Your wish is my command!”. What is it that you do want? Write it down, create a private vision board on Pinterest and keep adding to it. I do this daily and I know that in time, I will have everything on it. Imagine already having those things and how they make you feel. Imagine they have already happened. The Law of Attraction adjusts as you do, so if you visualise already possessing them, the universe will respond “Your wish is my command!”.

Even if you don’t believe in it – isn’t it just a great way to live your life? Positive thinking is never going to let you down. Not ever. We solve most, if not all, of our problems in our heads. We spend a lot of time there! Your mind has the sole ability to change your life. And you are destined for a great life. It’s right there in front of you waiting to unfold, but the universe cannot give it to you unless you ask for it. So start asking for it. Start changing the way you think. And start being grateful.

See what happens.



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