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time for a change

Good afternoon el beautiful ones. I hope you are having a spiffing week! As you may, or may not have noticed, I’ve been pretty absent recently (apologies, normal service will now hopefully resume). I do however have good reasons… I’ve gone and got myself a new job AND decided to go back to studying. For the majority of my time blogging, many of you will know I have been a turd polisher – I mean makeup artist… Makeup artist for the past couple of years. I enjoyed my time, it was a good crack, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. I am hugely creative, so in that respect it worked, but I also am hugely ambitious, want to be very successful and (I’m gunna just say it) materialistic. Makeup Artistry unfortunately is one of those industries in which it is extremely hard to succeed in. It’s definitely very much about who you know, and dog-eat-dog. I am not a dog, and I most definitely do not want to eat one. In other words, I just don’t work in that way, and really wanted to go back into an industry where I could get my head down, work hard and really progress up the career ladder.

So I have myself a new social media job! Hurrah!

Obviously being a blogger, I know a thing or two about being online. I’ve used pretty much every social media platform out there and am pretty obsessed with all things associated with social networking. So why not put those skills to good use? I have landed myself a new job as Social Media Executive for a popular gaming company, writing their briefs/campaigns, updating the blog and managing their social accounts amongst many other duties. I start next week and I couldn’t be more excited. In the same week, I also start my Digital Marketing Diploma with The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing which will see me studying for a year. Not a busy week at all then. Not one bit. But to be honest that’s just me all over. That’s exactly how I need to live my life, at a hundred miles an hour with a million different things going on, or else I will get bored. I also find that I work best under pressure, so I bet you’ll be finding a few more blog posts flying up each week. Make sure you’re following me on all my social media accounts to keep up!

So as one door closes, a hundred others open!

I will most definitely be keeping The Cupid Bow going – it is my pride and joy and my favourite creative outlet. I have some great blog posts in the pipeline and can’t wait to share them with you all. What’s been going on with you all then? Leave me comment or come and find me over at Twitter! @carlyfarlyfay