5 Things I’m Leaving In 2016 | The Cupid Bow

things i'm leaving in 2016
I’m a bit late to the ol’ New Year’s resolutions posts party, mainly as life has gotten even more hectic than pre-Christmas! How, and I mean, HOW are we in 2017?! Someone explain where the time is going? I feel like I was only just writing my list of goals for 2016 a minute ago, and yet here we are again in a brand new year. Bizzare! 2016 was a year of learning, growing and adapting to new journeys and opportunities and I’m entering January with a list of things I’m leaving in 2016. I feel wiser, more enthusiastic and a helluva lot more confident about what I want from this year (I wanted to say ‘life’, but let’s take one step at a time).


I’m sure we’re all guilty of overthinking a situation or creating a scenario in our head that hasn’t even happened yet (and probably never will!). I’m the world’s worst for this and will overthink, analyse and worry about things that don’t even deserve my head space. All of that stops now. From now on I will be more care-free, concern myself with real problems only and try not to think too much into the future. I’ve made a decision to really embrace the mantra that “what will be, will be” as most things that happen in life are out of our control anyway. What’s the point in stressing about something that may or may not happen? I’m taking each day as it comes. Rephrase that! Enjoying each day as it comes.


My nearest and dearest will agree that I have a ‘fixer’ personality. I’m forever trying to solve other people’s problems and putting their needs first, particularly in my relationships. It’s not a bad thing to be selfless at all, in fact it’s a very attractive quality, but you have to find the middle ground between being selfless and being walked all over like a doormat. 2016 taught me that I need to be more assertive. To care less (or not at all) about those who don’t add value to my life, and focus my attention on those who do. It’s not in my DNA to be selfish and I never will be, but in 2017 I need to spend more time attending to my own needs and wants.


Must lose weight. Must be a better person. Must be more successful. Must be this. Must be that. Hands up who is constantly too hard on themselves? *Plummets hand into the sky* Most of the pressure that I feel I’ve been put under has been self-made. I’ve always been very hard on myself which has helped in self-motivation terms, but unfortunately it can accelerate to the point where you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not good enough at anything. In 2017 I’m going to be a whole lot kinder to myself, remind myself of my strengths and set realistic, manageable goals.


2016 saw me fall on and off the blogging wagon numerous times and I failed to keep one of my New Year’s resolutions, which was to be a more consistent blogger. I had some great months where I could churn out a decent amount of posts, and then a couple of months could pass where I didn’t even sign into my account (*ahem* November and December). This year I am determined to keep a more consistent pattern for blogging as it’s my biggest pride and passion. In my defence, I am also trying to excel in my full-time job as well as complete a diploma, so I suppose I could be forgiven, but I want to see 2017 out as being ‘The Year Of The Blog’. Maybe give me a nudge every now and then if you feel I’ve fallen a bit quiet…


…of trying new things. Of not speaking up at work or offering an idea that I think may get rejected. Of getting hurt. Of not being good enough. Of just doing what the f*** I want without worrying about what people think of me. I’ve been nestled in my comfort zone for far too long and I need to force myself out of it. It’s time to step up my game across all of the above and live a little bigger. This year I will be looking to move out on my own, which is both overwhelmingly exciting and ridiculously scary. It means I will have to adult, but it’s the one thing I’m most looking forward to as it’s going to give me a new sense of responsibility. BRING. IT. ON. (Cue a whole load of home inspo related posts and apartment tours…)

So there’s my top 5 things that I’m leaving in 2016 which I feel are going to help me live a happier, healthier. What did 2016 teach you? What will you be leaving behind?