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copper hair

copper hair

copper hair

New season, new hair right? Hair switch ups as we enter a new season are pretty common, and it’s an unwritten rule in beauty that you sport darker locks for winter and lighter for summer. I’m a bit ahead of the game here, woops! We’ve barely dipped our toes into spring, and I’ve already had a hair makeover… Introducing my new copper hair *shakes barnet*

I haven’t dyed my hair at all (apart from root cover up) since August, which has got to be a record for me. I’m known for changing my tresses often as I tend to get bored pretty quickly, and I’ve been quite dark for a while, so decided it was time for a change. Most of you will probably know that I’m a natural redhead, so I’ve edged my way home… Slightly. Instead of ginger tones, my hairdresser put through some warm caramel/copper and kept my roots darker. It’s warm, but not too warm. So I guess, lukewarm? I’m not sure, I just know I’m a fan.

Copper hair is a great choice for those who have paler skin, with cool tones. In plainer terms, if you have slightly pinkier skin, then copper hair would compliment this beautifully. Especially if you have blue eyes, watch them pop!

Who else is planning on changing their hair soon for SS17? What colour(s) did you have in mind? Anyone now thinking copper hair might be a good choice? Tell me in the comments lovelies!



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