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most of your summer
Something seriously scary happened this weekend. We entered July. JULY! How did we make it over the halfway mark of the year already? I swear I was sweeping up Christmas tree pine needles and polishing off the remnants of the mulled wine only yesterday. But here we are, staring summer straight in the face. Everyone says to you that as you grow up time flies so much quicker, and it’s true. Life only gets busier as you get older, and it’s only too easy to let those work/life balance scales tip… And not in the direction that you’d hope. Summer is (arguably) Brits’ favourite season. 3 blissful months of good(ish) weather, alfresco dining, spending more on rooftop cocktails than your monthly rent and embracing the freckles that come as a package deal with your sunkissed tan. Everything seems a little bit better in summer. Hair looks healthier, skin glows brighter, moods lighten and daylight lasts longer. And then, just like that, autumn is thrust upon us. Bikinis find themselves on the sale rail in favour of the new A/W chunky cable knits, aperol spritz doesn’t taste quite the same in the drizzling rain, and getting up seems so much harder when it feels like the middle of the night. So this year, don’t waste a minute of this fabulous season. Make the most of your summer.

make the most of your summer

Go to a festival, one that wouldn’t normally be your cup of tea, and meet new friends in the middle of a muddy field. Attend a food festival and try a new delicacy. Kiss a few too many strangers. Try a new hairstyle. Dine at that restaurant you thought was a bit too expensive and chuck it on the credit card (just don’t do it every week!). Say yes to every party and accept dates from people who wouldn’t normally “be your type on paper”. (Note to self: stop watching so much Love Island). Just get out and do stuff. I can’t scroll through my news feed without seeing an advert for a local gin festival or backyard cinema, so there’s heaps of stuff going on. If money’s an issue, grab a picnic basket, your closest mates, some cheap cider and hit the park. Be open to everything and push yourself out of your comfort zone to new experiences. Always wanted to write a book? Set up a comfortable chair in the garden and start jotting down ideas. Contact old friends you haven’t seen for a while and reminisce over a bottle of Pinot Blush in the soaring sun.

make the most of your summer

Once you have plans in the diary, don’t then look for an excuse to cancel them. If you’re feeling the pinch of the purse from a few too many day festivals, then suggest an alternative to that pricey dinner – but don’t cancel. You’ve got the whole of autumn and winter to binge watch the new series of Orange Is The New Black. Save Netflix and Chill time for then. Or, if you really can’t miss the latest episode (and who am I to judge, I’m known for completing whole seasons in a day) get the girls round, whip up some espresso martinis, and make an evening of it. The perfect opportunity, especially if you’re all planning on going out somewhere the next day. Order in Chinese, crack out the face masks, and enjoy some girl time. Maybe even turn it into a sleepover with Clueless on the box.

make the most of your summer

It astounds me how quickly life passes by. I don’t even feel the need to look forward to weekends anymore, as weekdays fly past in the blink of an eye. Not that you should ever wish your life away, and post-work drinks are every bit as popular as Saturday morning brunches. I’ve just become increasingly more aware over the years of just how precious each day really is. Like everyone else, I’m just a normal girl trying to live a fulfilling life. I’m that friend who always seems to come down with a bad case of #FOMO every weekend and can’t seem to stay in. I see nothing wrong with this. I wouldn’t ever want to look back on my deathbed and wish I’d done X or Y. I believe in living with no regrets and as if every day could be your last. I think it’s important to have a bucket list – things you want to do, places you want to go, milestones you want to reach. Everyone’s will look completely different, which I think makes it so interesting, and it will change over time. But I believe everyone should have one, to constantly have something to excite you and work towards.

make the most of your summer
So this year, really make the most of your summer. Book some exciting stuff up and leave room for spontaneous last minute events. I always say that the best days are the unplanned ones (and the ones where you hardly take any photos). However you decide to spend your summer, love every moment of it. And remember that you can always make more money, you can’t always make more memories.


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