Halloumi, Quinoa & Soy-Glazed Vegetables

Halloumi & quinoa

When you think of some of the best pairings in history, who do you think of? Fred & Ginger? Ally & Noah? Wills & Kate? All of whom were made for one another, much like halloumi and quinoa. Sun dried tomato quinoa I should add. Ooh boy.

Halloumi is one of my favourite foods. I’ve been known to eat a whole block in one go at BBQs with zero regrets. Life hack: try it with a millionaire shortbread. You will thank me later.

For a slightly less artery-clogging option however, try it with sun dried tomato quinoa and soy-glazed vegetables. Really quick and easy, and make sure you make extras to take into work for lunch the next day. Queue the jealous stares from your colleagues.

I’m not a fan of ginger personally, but if you are try adding some to the soy sauce and vegetables. It will give the dish a kick and bring out the flavours. Let me know if you try this recipe! Happy eating.


Serves 2

1/2 pack of halloumi

1 courgette

100g mushrooms

100g green beans

1 aubergine

100g quinoa

50g sun dried tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

4 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp turmeric

Optional chopped garlic


1. Add quinoa to boiling water which just covers. Simmer on low

2. Chop courgette, mushrooms and aubergine into small pieces and add to frying pan with a small amount of oil on low heat. Add green beans

3. Slice halloumi and add to a hot pan on medium heat

4. When vegetables are starting to brown, add the soy sauce, turmeric and optional ginger

5. Once quinoa has absorbed the water, add in sun dried tomatoes and chopped garlic. Stir in for 1 min before serving on plate

6. When vegetables have absorbed soy sauce, add to the quinoa

7. Once halloumi has browned on each side, add to chopped vegetables

Enjoy! Let me know what you think.



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