Honesty is the best policy. That’s the motto I’ve always stood by in life, and it’s the motto I stand by with my blog. The whole reason I created The Cupid Bow was to give honest reviews on products and share my thoughts and beauty tips with you. Now what would be the point in me going against my ethics and giving you biased, unfair views instead? I wouldn’t and even if I did I’m sure you would see straight through it!

As my blog is growing I have been receiving product samples from PR agencies and product brands to review. I am not paid to do these and I clearly state at the bottom of each post which products have been sent from these companies. All views are completely my own and if I don’t like the product I will state why it wasn’t for me. This doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad (well… sometimes it does) but just not to my personal taste. Whatever I think of the samples I receive, you have my word that all reviews are truthful and in no way influenced by the brand. I have stated in my Press section which brands I have had the pleasure of working with, so you are always well informed. I will never pull the wool over my followers’ eyes. Never have. Never will.

Your truthful and honest blogger… Forever and always.



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